She Shoots Film
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Issue 2, MOTHER



Issue 2, MOTHER

She Shoots Film, Issue 2, Mother, contains work and words by women who have approached the theme of MOTHER from thoughtful and multi-layered angles. It features intense and personal narratives that are both written and visual.  

Cover Artist Aletheia Casey

Interviews Giulia Bianchi, Aletheia Casey, Hilde Pank, Clare Rae

Interviewers Amy Jasek, Aliki Smith, Lucy Wainwright

Writers Ruby Berry, Kira Kikla, Katt Janson Merilo

Photographic contributions

Romy Alizée, Stacy Arezou Mehrfar, Marit Beer, Monica Calderin, Irene Zóttola Carretero, Nicole Cudzilo, Carol Dass, Nikita Gross, Cheryl Hanna-Truscott, Angelea H-R, Hannah Kozak, Sue Murfin Cardaro, Heather Oelklaus, Georgia Ponirakou, Hilary Sloane, Dana Stirling, Jenny Jacklin Stratton.

Senior Editor Nina De Goldi Way

Editor in Chief Aliki Smith

Designer Lucy Guernier


116 pages perfect bound. Cover – Grenita 250gsm. Internal section – Cyclus Print 115gsm.

Cyclus Print is made from 100% FSC® recycled pulp. 

Printing by Medialis and shipping by Heftwerk in Berlin, Germany.