She Shoots Film, Issue 1, Self Portrait

She Shoots Film, Issue 1, Self Portrait


Self Portrait, Issue 01, is an exploration of film and analog process based female self portraiture and artist words on the printed page.

Featuring photographic contributions from Joy Celine Asto, Laura Aubree, Tabea Borchardt, Gwendolyn Courtney, Dana Deluca, Inga Dinga, Dee Elegia, Dorothy Glenn, Ellie Ivanova, Amy Jasek, Sarah Lazure, Patti Levey, Katt Janson Merilo, Vedrana Mijic, Clara Abi Nader, Yaro Neils, Celeste Ortiz, Maria Ovsyankina, Vicki Reed, Marisa Redburn, Almudena Romero, Vera Saltzman, Carol D. Sass, Silke Seybold, Alla Sorokina, Ksenija Spanek, Lisa Toboz, Rose-Marie Westling, Linda Wilson and Anna Yeroshenko.

Interviews with Sarah Lazure, Marisa Redburn, Silke Seybold and Lisa Toboz. Words by Vedrana Mijic, Christine Alic and Aliki Smith.


100 pages perfect bound. Cover – Cocoon Offset 300gsm. Internal section – Cocoon Offset 120gsm. Cocoon Offset is made from 100% FSC® recycled pulp. Published in Melbourne, Australia. Printed in Berlin, Germany by Medialis. Printing and shipping made easier by Heftwerk.

Designed by Lucy Guernier.

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