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Lee Miller: Even heroes have to face their demons

The first time I was confronted with Lee Miller's work was probably an unconscious encounter with pictures of the liberation of Buchenwald and Dachau. I grew up in Germany and no German education is complete without a visit to a concentration camp. This means that I must have been confronted with her gruesome concentration camp pictures very early on without even knowing that it was Lee Miller who took these photographs.

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Lee Miller - A hero both in an artistic and a literal sense

When we think of the greats of photojournalism during the Second World War, we usually remember Robert Capa's D-Day coverage that got partly melted by a lab technician. He was not the only one covering front line fighting though and among those photographers who stood their ground in the middle of flying bullets was none other than model and surrealist photographer become photojournalist Lee Miller (1907-1977).

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