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Isabel Curdes - Interview

It simply feels right. The whole process is like meditation for me. From the selection of the film, the time I give myself to find the right subject and decide on the settings before I press the shutter, to the manual development in my little darkroom and the excitement when I see the negatives for the first time, even the spot removal after scanning. I love how perfectly imperfect and unpredictable film can be and how it teaches me to embrace those imperfections and “accidents” as part of its unique beauty.

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S.R. Robinson - Interview

S.R. Robinson is a film photographer based in Joliet, IL, whose meticulous darkroom explorations breathe life into abandoned spaces. Their atmospheric black and white photographs show a deep connection to the unseen history of the places that they portray, while simultaneously allowing this history to blend with the present and possible futures. Our interpretations of the spaces in their work oscillate between a sense of foreboding and hopeful eternal sunshine without forcing one or the other into the foreground.

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Kathryn Oliver - Interview

Kathryn Oliver is a fine art photographer that naturally integrates storytelling into her photography. She captures the childlike wild and underlying desirous nature of humanity in dream like narrative images. Merging real with unreal, nature, poetry and stories, she manages to expose otherworldly moments that speak to the viewer in metaphor and myth. With a professional arts background in painting, theater and dance, her photographic practice is influenced by a rich melding of these disciplines that results in timeless black and white imagery.

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Giulia Bianchi - Interview

Giulia Bianchi is a narrative photographer who uses a large format view camera to tell complex, powerful stories of women and girls through the medium of profoundly intimate and immediate portraits. Bianchi's technical skill, her narrative skill and her ability to connect with her subject on every level combine to give her images the feeling of profound and absolute Truth. In them you feel the total emotional investment of both photographer and subject.

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Leslie Hall Brown - Interview

Leslie Hall Brown is an artist and psychotherapist whose film photography springs from the deep soul-knowledge of what it is to be human, to be woman, to be feel with the eyes and see with the heart, to exist as both a continuation of culture and myth and as an entity powerfully oneself. She lives in the Missouri Ozarks, surrounded by nature and without a neighbour in sight.

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Ruby Alice Berry, AKA Ruby Falls - Interview

Ruby Falls is a thinking and intensely feeling fine art film photographer based in Appalachia, East Tennessee. This thought provoking interview is filled with insightful words of wisdom and incredible ideas as they relate to her practice of film. She shares with us her concept of failure and Eureka moments, the importance of narrative, getting into the zone, her experience of synesthesia and the idea of balance.

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Becky Ramotowski, AKA Astro Beck - Interview

Becky Ramotowski has been a photographer since she was a child. her photography is both simple and complex, equally impulsive and deeply reflective. Her creativity and resourcefulness are boundless, and her themes are stories, feelings and time itself. Becky lives in the mountains of New Mexico with a bunch of pinhole cameras, some power tools, telescopes, a couple of ukeleles and her husband Shane.

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Siegrid Cain - Interview

Siegrid Cain is a film photographer through and through. Trained as an apprentice twenty years ago at the young age of 16, her incredible portraits, lifestyle & wedding photography, boudoir shoots and personal images leave your eyes insatiably wanting more. In this interview, she shares with us her practice of film photography, what draws her in, the value of connecting with others and why it's important to fail and get back up again.

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Angie Pember Brockey - Interview

Angie Pember Brockey shoots wet plate collodion! Angie's delicious images are made using a nearly 200 year old process, which gives timelessly beautiful, incredibly evocative results. Angie creates both large images and very tiny ones. Some of her plates are only a few centimeters across, & can be placed into vintage jewelry settings to create unique gift items.

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Amy Jasek - Interview

Street photographer Amy Jasek (Round Rock, Texas) believes that passion and a positive attitude are the keys to a happy, creative life. This belief is clearly reflected in her work which shows an especially keen eye for those little moments that make us smile. In her photography we encounter an extraordinarily close connection to the world around her, as well as an attentiveness - maybe even tenderness - towards the people she photographs. It is entirely unsurprising then that her 7 year old daughter remains her favourite model although she loves taking pictures of strangers.

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Lucy Wainwright - Interview

ucy Wainwright is a passionate and committed film photographer who resides in the Derbyshire Peak District in the UK. The Derbyshire Peak District is not only her home, but her main photographic subject. Her practice of film photography integrates exploration, experimentation and an absorbing colourful eye. Not afraid to make mistakes in her calling, she often creates using different types of cameras, different types of film and different printing methods.

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Lilly Schwartz - Interview

Lilly Schwartz is a photographer based in San Sebastian, Spain, who loves shooting street. Her documentary photographs resonate with powerful feelings about places and events, quite palpable to the viewer of the images, but they also have a meditative quality - a stillness. Her street photographs feel more seized than taken. They show a moment - a moment of emotion or a moment of style - and while they focus quite closely on a person or people they also give the person or people some local context, and this turns a moment into a story

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