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Sally Mann and the elephant in the room

Recently I followed a discussion on Facebook about a picture someone had uploaded to an open group of film photographers. The picture itself was a staged upskirt shot of a 20 year old model in a setting inspired by American high schools. It was banned from the group not because of its content but its caption, since it implied that the model might be underage. Immediately a heated discussion about censorship and morals ensued that, as a woman, was quite surreal to read.

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Mariola Rosario

Mariola Rosario was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Exposed to many shades of the color blue, she was raised somewhere between a Caribbean breeze and a tropical suburban sweaty gritty chaos. Mariola is a photographer and professor, currently living in Texas and she's the author of the photography blog my sweet old etcetera and a member of various art collectives including the Madrid based Pradera93 and the female-led UJA in Puerto Rico.

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Ksenija Spanek

Ksenija Spanek is a self taught amateur photographer. She expresses that her collection of flowers painted with light below were created using an old analog camera and BW film is my and is her most accomplished work so far. She calls these photographs the Flower Portraits, but identifies that they are more portraits of her sensations while observing the form and texture.

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