Melissa Zexter - Analog photography is magical


"Analog photography is magical. I have been shooting with film for many many years and still feel its magic. Like nothing else."

So says Melissa Zexter, fine artist, photography graduate and postgraduate, and now a photography teacher at the Dalton School in New York. Melissa's work is a kind of enhanced portraiture, and a meditation on identity - particularly the identities of women.

In a recent interview with Zexter said,

"The thread acts as a connection between the person and myself or place that I have photographed. I always think of the photograph as something from the past and the thread as a reaction to the past and present. The thread makes the photograph more personal to me and allows me to meditate on the image. Combining the two mediums (photography and sewing) allows me to reinvent the photograph; to visually react to a person or a place."

Zexter considers herself a portrait photographer first and foremost, and she is still inspired by the photographers who had the greatest impact on her when she was young: Diane Arbus, Robert Frank, Lisette Model, Berenice Abbott, Gary Winogrand. Her black and white photography is all analog, shot with her faithful Rolleiflex, and printed in her darkroom. Her colour images are made with a digital camera, and all her photographs are her own. She is regularly invited to exhibit and her work has been seen as part of shows at Robert Mann Gallery, New York, Muriel Guepin Gallery, New York, and the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, Italy.

The image posted here is called "Cardinal". It's a silver gelatin print 20" x 24" enhanced with embroidery. It is reproduced with the kind permission of the artist.

For more on Melissa Zexter, please visit her website.