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Film Photography By Women

Ksenija Spanek

Ksenija Spanek is a self taught amateur photographer. She expresses that her collection of flowers painted with light below were created using an old analog camera and BW film is my and is her most accomplished work so far. She calls these photographs the Flower Portraits, but identifies that they are more portraits of her sensations while observing the form and texture.

In her words:

Observing is the first step towards an idea. It is the crucial moment, when I begin to feel the connection with the flower. It is also the moment in which excitement arises and then I know it is the right moment to start revealing the true nature of the flower, or at least the flower as I see it. Sometimes it is the sculptural form, sometimes it is the mystery or sadness, but most of the time it is the sensuality that is revealed from the darkness.

The photos you see below were made with medium format cameras - a Yashica Mat 124g and a Pentacon Six with BW film - mostly Fomapan 100, stand developed in R09 for 80 minutes.

You can see more of Ksenija's work on her site and blog.