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Call for Submissions - Metamorphosis

Image credit:  Mia Krys , Flight

Image credit: Mia Krys, Flight

"There has always been a profound connection between metamorphosis and the female experience. It can be a literal fantastic transformation, such as Daphne becoming a laurel tree, or a more metaphorical change, like when the Wolf pretends to be Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. Both of these tales address the differences between “girl” and “woman” and how womanhood often takes us from a safe world to one that is less light filled and more dangerous. In addition to the common experiences of change that women share as a result of age, culture, and time, we often undergo other metamorphoses that challenge our sense of self — both as individuals and as women. Sometimes it is illness, trauma, and loss that force us to become something new. Other times we are reshaped by kindness, love, forgiveness, inspiration, or any number of “gifts” we might be given." ~ Ruby Berry.  

We are excited to announce our biannual publication third issue theme!


We invite you to submit your written pieces and/or film images for our third issue of She Shoots Film: Metamorphosis.

Submissions open until 7 January, 2018, 9pm (EST)

Submission Guidelines

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Email your written piece or/and images to:

Accompanying the work please include a short descriptive statement about your submission to the Metamorphosis themed issue and a link to your website or similar (if applicable).

Please read the Terms and Conditions associated with submitting work.

*Note: We only consider images that have been made using the film photography or analogue process mediums.