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Call For Submissions - Mother


"Leslie was in her last six weeks of pregnancy. She had a two-year old at home, a twelve-year old daughter, Jenny, and an unpredictable income. At the time of the photograph, I, too, was pregnant with my third child and we shared those universal feelings of ambivalence, despair and determination. At first I photographed her lying on her back with a mattress in the yard, "Leslie," I complained "you just don't look big enough." "Big enough!" she cried and lumbered to her feet, yanking her dress up indignantly. Anyone who has been pregnant can appreciate her sentiments - and also the utter resignation and misery of that last huge month. Laughing, her daughter Jenny came over to her and we took the picture. Leslie delivered with ease a ten-pound baby at home that fall.~ Sally Mann, from Aperture, Mothers & Daughters, 1987

We are excited to announce our biannual publication second issue theme!


Submissions open until 18 March, 2017, 9pm (EST)

Submission Guidelines


Size your images to: 1200px on the longest side 300dpi, sRGB, jpeg format.

Label the files with your name and numeration. (Example: firstname_lastname_1.jpg)

Accompanying the work please include a short descriptive statement about your mother submission and a link to your website or similar (if applicable).

Please read the Terms and Conditions associated with submitting work.

*Note: We only consider images that have been made using the film photography medium.