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Film Photography By Women
Jennifer Timmer Trail

Jennifer Timmer Trail received her MFA in Photography from Hartford Art School and her BA in Art History and Studio Art from Michigan State University. A northern-Michigander at heart, Jennifer spent a decade in New York, and some time in Copenhagen and Victoria, British Columbia, before recently settling in Portland, Oregon where she is a working artist and a freelance book designer.

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Emily Najera

Emily Najera is a professional artist and educator currently living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her research as a photographer examines forms of architecture as vernacular artifacts. Partnering with historic preservationists and urban planners, Emily documents and archives the changing landscape of working class neighborhoods. She is currently a Visiting Professor of Photography at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, USA.

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Isabel Curdes - Interview

It simply feels right. The whole process is like meditation for me. From the selection of the film, the time I give myself to find the right subject and decide on the settings before I press the shutter, to the manual development in my little darkroom and the excitement when I see the negatives for the first time, even the spot removal after scanning. I love how perfectly imperfect and unpredictable film can be and how it teaches me to embrace those imperfections and “accidents” as part of its unique beauty.

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Morganna Magee

Morganna Magee is a social documentary photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work covers young single mothers to people living with severe illness or disability. She's part of a well respected collective of independent documentary photographers called the Many Australian Photographers (MAP) group and her work has been awarded numerous National and International awards.

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S.R. Robinson - Interview

S.R. Robinson is a film photographer based in Joliet, IL, whose meticulous darkroom explorations breathe life into abandoned spaces. Their atmospheric black and white photographs show a deep connection to the unseen history of the places that they portray, while simultaneously allowing this history to blend with the present and possible futures. Our interpretations of the spaces in their work oscillate between a sense of foreboding and hopeful eternal sunshine without forcing one or the other into the foreground.

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On Being a Woman Photographer

In 2013, National Geographic released its 125th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. Quite an incredible issue. Themed 'The Power of Photography', the cover is adorned with Steve McCurry’s close up of Sharbat Gula, the “Afghan Girl”. At first excited, I quickly realised that 'The Power of Photography' was dominated by the 'power' of the male photographer - plural. 

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Unexpected gifts

I once read a meme that said if you want to know what a woman's brain is like, just imagine a web browser with 100 tabs open all the time. I cannot deny that there is some truth to this. For my part, as a woman, as a mother, and as a person who is inescapably driven to create EVERY SINGLE DAY, I can honestly express that I struggle with balance. How can every side of me be satisfied, while also managing to satisfy those around me? How do I squeeze in art, chores, duties, routines, and general family happiness without driving myself crazy? 

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Sally Mann and the elephant in the room

Recently I followed a discussion on Facebook about a picture someone had uploaded to an open group of film photographers. The picture itself was a staged upskirt shot of a 20 year old model in a setting inspired by American high schools. It was banned from the group not because of its content but its caption, since it implied that the model might be underage. Immediately a heated discussion about censorship and morals ensued that, as a woman, was quite surreal to read.

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Kathryn Oliver - Interview

Kathryn Oliver is a fine art photographer that naturally integrates storytelling into her photography. She captures the childlike wild and underlying desirous nature of humanity in dream like narrative images. Merging real with unreal, nature, poetry and stories, she manages to expose otherworldly moments that speak to the viewer in metaphor and myth. With a professional arts background in painting, theater and dance, her photographic practice is influenced by a rich melding of these disciplines that results in timeless black and white imagery.

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